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25 Note Psaltery- $320.00                     

Wound string Psaltery-$320.00


9 Note Psaltery - $130.00


Cello Psaltery - $750.00


Musical Bones  - $20/pair


Door Chimes  - $55.00


Bow - $32

25 Note Psaltery Case-$46

9 Note Psaltery Case-$21

TriPod Mount-$55

Adjustable TriPod Mount-$75.00

Music Stand - $40

Snark Tuner - $20

Wrench - $9

Rosin - $5

Bow hair- $5

Noted note songbooks $5.50, $8.25

Companion learning CD's for some song books- $5.50



SPRING CREEK PSALTERIES offers hand made 25 note psalteries at affordable prices.  The soundboards are made of Alaskan sitka spruce and the backboards are primarily curly maple, ambrosia maple and quartersawn ash.  The psalteries have a variety of sound hole rosettes.  Tuning pins are drilled at a 15 degree angle and the strings are concave, making it very easy to reach the sharps and flats.  Six to eight coats of lacquer are used on each psaltery creating a beautiful finish.  The psalteries begin at G above middle C and are two full octaves.  The G and C notes are marked.


Price: $320 plus tax and shipping.


We also offer wound string psalteries which have more of a cello sound and are tuned an octave lower.

               Price: $320 plus tax and shipping.


Our 9 note psaltery is an excellent beginner instrument for kids.  It is small enough for them to hold in their hand and is one octave, plus an A.  It starts at G below middle C.

               Price: $130.00 plus tax and shipping


Our psalteries are built with staggered pin spacing and three different string gauges, giving each string a clear, clean sound.


Each psaltery comes with a tuning wrench, rosin, horse hair bow, removable note markings and booklet. 


Soft sided, padded cases are available for $46.00 for the 25 note psaltery and $20.00 for the 9 note psaltery.


If you would like to custom order your psaltery, please call us at 330-323-0618. 


See video below for our new Cello Psaltery!


9 Note Psaltery

Logo designed and pictures below taken by Jan Hammond (JanHammond.net)

Mount for the psaltery (tripod not included) - $55.00. Putting the psaltery on the mount and tripod will allow you to double bow, creating your own harmony. See picture of stand below.

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Mount for psaltery (tripod not included)

Back-Ambrosia Maple

Spaulded Curly Maple
Back-Curly Maple
Back-Ambrosia Maple
Back-Ambrosia Maple
Sitka spruce soundboards with various rosettes

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